's Ethics and Compliance program guides employees when conducting the business affairs of the organization and stresses the tenet that "Compliance Is Everyone's Responsibility."

is deeply committed to uncompromising integrity, ethical decision-making and regulatory compliance across all of our businesses. ’s Chief Risk, Ethics & Compliance Officer has enterprise-wide responsibility for leading ’s Ethics and Compliance Program. The Program is designed to ensure our company maintains appropriate training, monitoring, oversight and enforcement of compliance with laws, regulations, and administrative rules, to continue meeting the expectations of our government partners, providers and members.

We believe that each and every one of our employees is integral to maintaining the company’s reputation, and holds employees accountable to always take personal responsibility for choosing what is right. A culture committed to compliance is critical to ’s success, and only possible with the collective support of every employee. To create alignment and drive accountability across the organization, a compliance-focused goal is integrated into performance evaluations for all employees.

remains steadfast in following our Code of Conduct and corporate governance structure, maintaining accountability and trust, and ensuring responsible data and information management. We are dedicated to serving our members, community health partners, providers, government partners and investors, as well as the communities we serve.

As an early signatory to the Ethical Principles in Health Care initiative created by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank, we have positioned our leaders to work with global partners to address ethical considerations in healthcare.

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Ethics and compliance are central to ’s day-to-day operations across the organization. Find out how our Customer Service teams work to ensure compliance while providing high levels of service and customer satisfaction.