Natural Skin Toners can be Made at Home!

Today I'm going to show you how to make natural toner for your skin. Toner is used to clear the skin. So if you do makeup for your face every day you should use a toner regularly. We use artificial toners for our faces but we all like natural things because if we use natural things there is no harm to our skin.

So if you use these natural skin toners for skin they will be low-cost, highly effective, and safe to use. So I will show you how to make natural skin toner at home.

Natural Skin Toners can be Made at Home!

The difference between Natural and Artificial Toners

Artificial toners in the market contain deferment materials. So if you can use a natural toner instead of an artificial toner that contains unhealthy chemicals it will be safer for your skin. The important thing is natural toners are not only safe to use they give freshness to your skin also. There isn’t an actual quantity for these natural toners. You can make them according to how much you need. You can make them in suitable quantities.

Cucumber toner for any skin type-

First remove the bark in the cucumber.

Then cut the cucumber into pieces.

After that properly blend them with seeds.

After that add a few honey drops into that and mix it well.

Now you can use this as a toner.

Cucumber, carrot, and grapes mixed toner for Dry Skin-

First remove the bark in the cucumber and cut the cucumber into pieces.

Then blend these cucumber slices with carrot, lemon juice, and with two grapefruits.

Now if you have honey bee, add three drops to this. But the honey bee is not essential for this toner.

Remember honey bee is not essential for this toner. If you have them in your house, add a few drops to these toners. But the honey bee is not compulsory for these toners.

A toner made from vegetable oil

For this toner, you need a tablespoon of vegetable oil, cucumber juice as needed, and a half teaspoon of the honey bee. Now blend them properly. This toner is very good for dry skin. It removes the dryness in your skin and helps to make your skin glow.

A toner made from flowers

Toners made from flower petals are very famous in the market. Rose, jasmine, chamomile, geranium, and lavender flowers are the most commonly used flowers for toners. Flower toners are easier to prepare than other toners. This is the main benefit of flower toners. 

First find some rose flowers and pluck the rose petals from them.

If you are using jasmine to make this toner you don’t have to pluck the petals from it.

Next put these petals into a bowl.

Then add water to this bowl as appropriate to the number of petals or flowers.

Then leave these petals to be mixed naturally with water for a night.

Then you can use this water as a toner the next day morning.

 Please consider that you can use these toners for a maximum of seven days only. You can use these toners by keeping them in a refrigerator.

Natural Skin Toners can be Made at Home!

I hope this information is useful for you in some way. So use these toners to make your skin clear and glow.

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