How to Stop Caring What Others Think about Me? (NO BS)

How to Stop Caring What Others Think about Me? (NO BS)

Sometimes you will think that ‘do I care too much about what others think?’  do you have a doubt about this topic sometimes. . Everyone says ‘stop worrying about what others think of you’. But I am sure that no one told you how to actually do it. So now, how can you stop caring what others think? I  will show you an actual way to do it.

In this article we are going to discuss:

Why do you care what others about you.

Best method to stop it.

How to use this method to stop worrying.

How to stop caring what others think about me? (NO BS)

Why do you care what others about you?

In this modern day, this is a common problem among adults. This has been the main reason for suicides. Many people hurt themselves because they think others don’t like them. They think they are alone. This has been a major reason for depression. Many people don’t eat what they like, don’t do what they like, don’t drink what they like, and don’t travel to places that they most like because they think if they do these things others will don’t like them or others will don’t respect you.

So they live their life according to others' opinions. Then finally think about what I’ve done in my life. I didn’t do anything that I like. So don’t be a slave to other people’s opinions.

 First of all, everyone doesn’t have the same opinion about something. If someone thinks going to college and getting a degree is a waste of time at the same time someone else can think that a college degree is valuable for finding a good job. So everyone doesn’t have the same attitude.

Nowadays this has been a big issue among adults more than before. So what is the reason for this? The main reason for this is social media. We post on social media to impress others, to be famous among others, and to make them like us. So if they don’t like any of our photos, we start to lose likes and comments. Then we start thinking about these negative things as nobody likes me, I'm not attractive like others, what’s wrong with me am I doing anything wrong? Then we start to do things that others like. Not we like. Others like. Then it will convert into a habit. Then we start to do things to impress others unconsciously. Then we start to worry about what others think. We start to worry about others' opinions.

The best method to stop it

 So now we know the reason for this problem. So now, are there any real solutions for this? Can we actually stop this worry? Yes, there is the best solution for this. It is self-love. It is starting to love yourself. Starting to like yourself. Then you will start to ignore others' opinions. You will be unstoppable because anyone cant knock you down.

So what is self-love? Self-love is simply loving yourself. Imagine someone telling you that you are stupid. You can't do anything right. Then you start to dislike yourself because you care what others think and tell. But imagine if you love yourself undoubtedly. Then you don’t care if someone tells you things like those because you love yourself. You don’t want someone else to like you. 

How to use this method to stop worrying

So now how to start loving yourself. The best way to do this is to set goals and pursue them. Set life goals and achieve them. By doing this you will start to see how great you are. You start to realize if they can do that I can do this. They can't beat me in this. I'm a champion. I'm a hard worker. I'm not a loser. I'm absolutely a winner.

Imagine you set a goal to lose weight. You start to work out. You work hard and never give up until you reach your goal. Imagine then you achieve your goal. You are in the best shape in your life. You see yourself in the mirror. Imagine how much proud you feel about yourself. Then you respect yourself. You treat yourself as a champion. You treat yourself as a winner.

So how will you worry about others' opinions about you? Will you care what others think? Absolutely not. So that’s the true way to stop caring what others think about you.

So set goals. Pursue them.  Then you will start to love yourself, respect yourself and start to enjoy being yourself.

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