How to Motivate Yourself to Workout?

 So you know that there are lots of benefits to exercising. Some of them are,

It improves your mood.

It improves your focus.

Increase bone strength.

Increase your attractiveness.

make you stronger.

Increase your mental strength.

So why do you not exercise even knowing that there are so many benefits? What is the main reason behind this? The main reason behind this is you can’t motivate yourself to work out. Everyone says that motivation is fake and you should build discipline. But I say you should have some motivation to exercise or to start exercising. Maybe you may need that motivation to go to the gym or you may need that motivation to go to the ground. But you should have some motivation to get going.

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout?

So I will show how you can motivate yourself to work out.

1. Start small.

It might be challenging for many people to begin exercising. But once they start, they can keep going. People with this problem need to find a way to get started. The solution for this is to start small. Imagine someone who tries to run 1km at a time and who has not exercised in years, will he be able to do it? He can’t.

What then should he do? First, he should try to run 300m a day and then he should try to run 500m a day. He should reach his main target step by step. There is no rush. How to lose weight should be his top priority.

2. Take small actions towards your main goal.

So what does this mean? This means you should take small actions related to your main purpose. Once you complete these small actions, you will be able to automatically complete your main target. 

We take going to the gym as an example. First, break down this main goal into small actions that you can finish in about 3 minutes. First, get up from your bed. Then find your clothes. Then find your water bottle and supplements. Then put those essentials in your bag. Then dress up. Leave house. Arrive at the gym. Then warm up. Then start to lift.

This way can you can motivate to do the small things that matter. You don’t have to suddenly think about lifting a 20kg dumbbell in the gym.  motivate yourself to start small and finally, you will reach your ultimate goal.

3. Visualize the end result.

This is a life-changing fact. You can implement this to do anything more willingly. So imagine you are unmotivated to go to the gym today. So start visualizing yourself with a lean muscular body. Visualize yourself looking in a mirror with the body which you want. Then think about what you feel about yourself. Attach emotions to this visualization. Emotions are very powerful when it comes to visualization. Remember to take at least 10 deep breaths before visualization because you have to be in a calm state to clearly visualize what you want.

Also, you can always think about the benefits that you have by achieving this ultimate goal. And you can always ask yourself why you are doing this. What is my purpose behind this to remember your purpose and motivate yourself through that.

So these are the best ways to motivate yourself to work out. If there are other methods you use, mention them also. It will be of great help to others. So Stay fit! Stay happy!!

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