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You Can Have Optimal Health and Wellness Today's Extravagant Lifestyle

 You Can Have Optimal Health and Wellness Today's Extravagant Lifestyle

The term "optimal health and wellbeing" is a subjective one. Period. If you asked 100 health care experts what it meant to them, you would most certainly receive various responses. What does this phrase imply to you? And how essential is it to you, your family, and your future? The sentence is quite simple to understand. In the chiropractic profession, the phrase "wellness" refers to three distinct methods of living your life.

Eat well. Move With Care. Think carefully. In this post, I'll define each of the concepts above and offer you some "real" life advice you can apply to assist you and your family lives a supersized life (not McDonald's supersized! LOL!)

 How might optimum health and wellbeing benefit you?

According to eatwellmovewellthinkwell.com, there is a chronic disease epidemic. Humans are currently the sickest species on the planet. We have the sickest children, youths, adults, and elderly in human history. Over half of our population has a chronic condition, and over 80% of our workforce has a chronic illness. Chronic disease accounts for 9 days of absenteeism per employee per year and up to 91 days of lost productivity per year. Chronic disease is the primary cause of mortality and misery; 80 percent of our population is dying or will die due to chronic illness. The black plague barely killed 30% of the population.

Why don't more individuals aim for maximum health and wellness? 

Obesity has been increasing for some time now... our children are FAT... and our children are UNHEALTHY. Many health experts now believe that metabolic syndrome will be the leading cause of death in 40-50 years. Not heart disease or cancer. Follow the three easy procedures outlined in this article to significantly reduce your family's risk of having this illness. It's simpler to be ill than it is to be healthy; look to your left, then to your right. Everywhere you turn, there is advertising for "quick food." This piques our attention since we want everything to be as quick, affordable, and convenient.

We're all exhausted at the end of the day, and it's so simple to go through the drive-through at McDonald's and have an immediate dinner without driving home to make a decent nutritional supper. It's difficult to live an ideal health and wellness life because it's difficult to wake up and go to the gym every day, and it's difficult to come home from work and make a decent nutritious dinner. It's much simpler to accomplish what's quick, easy, and convenient. I hope this post has changed your mind about your current living choices. It will be worthwhile to eat properly, exercise well, and think well.

Eat well. 

In my many years of treating and assisting patients and customers, I've discovered that the ordinary individual doesn't know what to eat during the day. Many people are "clueless" when selecting healthy dietary choices. Many people do not even check the nutrition data on the package they bought from the grocery store. This is a fantastic place to start for "optimal health and wellbeing." Read the nutrition statistics on your groceries and get acquainted with calories, fat, carbs, and protein.

We teach our patients how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet in our practice. Inflammation is the fundamental cause of many significant illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Fresh fish, lean meats, fruits, veggies, and nuts are excellent places to start. Get my anti-inflammatory eating advice here for a more complete list of what to 

 Move With Care.

To live an ideal health and wellness lifestyle, you must be able to move effectively. Moving well is divided into the posture, aerobic exercise, and strength training.


Maintaining excellent posture helps protect your spine from aberrant stresses on certain joint levels. If posture is lost, the damage is practically likely. Bad posture may lead to spine degeneration, muscular weakening, muscle overactivity, and inappropriate habit development. If you know you have a posture issue, your local chiropractor can educate you on maintaining proper posture at work and at home.

Cardiovascular Training: 

Get going! Humans were not designed to be sedentary, so get up and get your buns in gear. Training your heart is part of living an overall optimum health and wellness lifestyle. If you are new to exercise or have never begun an exercise program, it is a good idea to consult with your local physician to ensure that you are healthy enough to begin one.

A basic walking program is an ideal place to start when it comes to programming. Begin with a 30-minute brisk walk every day and gradually increase your time. You may experiment with time or distance. If you're already experienced with cardiac exercise, start a new program! 

Strength Training: 

Let's put your muscles to work. Strength training, also known as resistance training, is required to live an ideal health and wellness lifestyle properly. Strength training and employing weight or resistance to train your body may boost metabolism, bone density, muscular strength, fatigue, and anaerobic output and make you look DARN GOOD. So, why not begin strength training right away?

Think carefully.

Have you ever heard that you can think properly for yourself? I'm not sure whether science can back up that hypothesis, but it demonstrates that a positive mind can do great things. Your body will follow for an excellent health and wellness lifestyle when you can regulate your thoughts and emotions. There have been a lot of studies done on the biopsychosocial model. This paradigm combines physical and mental concerns. Even though most individuals improve fast from back pain with the correct therapy, the recurrence rate and dissatisfaction with medical care are significant. causing them to worry more than usual.

A healthy mind is part of a healthy body. I'm not claiming we can think ourselves well with positive thinking, but when paired with eating properly and exercising well, it can make a difference in your life. The greatest approach to making changes in your life is starting small and making better choices beginning now. As you begin your new lifestyle, you will feel better both physically and psychologically. 

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