Beauty Tips and Treatments DIY during Quarantine

Enhance Your Beauty during Quarantine

beauty during quarantine

Most of you can pay attention to your figure and skin during the quarantine period. With that, we can protect our skin from the sun and dust. So, working from concept gives you many benefits. We decided to give you some quick and easy tips for enhancing your beauty during Quarantine. These treatments are natural, and the ingredients we want are very easy to find.

First, we can discuss a scrub that can clean our skin and can fair skin. Get a bit of coffee powder and some sugar. Then mix them together after adding some water. After that, you can apply it to the skin and scrub for around 5-10 minutes. Then you can wash and remove the scrub. You can get quick results when you do this treatment thrice a week.

If you have faded white skin, you should try to get your skin more fairly and healthy. So, let’s see a natural one-month remedy for faded skin.

How to make and use:

Get a clean bowl and add Gram flour 150g, Milk powder 250g, and orange juice. Then mix them all together. After that, clean your body skin by using a good body wash. Now you are ready to apply the paste to your whole body. To apply, you can use a small brush. After applying, stay around 15-20 minutes to remove it. You should do this treatment twice a week for better results.

We can also use fruits to fair our skin. So, let’s discuss one of the fruit treatments. Get some papaya and bee honey. Mix them and apply them to your skin for around 15 minutes. This can remove the dryness of the skin and can get glowing skin.

Get some fresh bananas, lime juice, and bee honey. Then mix those items together. After that, apply the mixture to your skin. Then stay around 20 minutes to wash. Bananas can also remove the skin’s darkness and glow the skin more.


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